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Join the ultimate champion mates experience made for friends! With our app, you can play together, win together, and make every game night unforgettable.

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Passionate about football? Enjoy debating with friends about which team will win and by what score? You've come to the right place. In our app, you'll find everything you need for a true fan.


Track the results of your favourite sports matches and compete with your friends collecting as many points as you can.

Public room

In ChampionMATES, you'll find publicly available rooms where you can challenge players from all over Europe.

Private room

Prefer your own rules? Create a private room and invite your friends. Choose your favourite sport and league to predict, add scoring, and invite your homies.

Other sports fun

We continuously strive to deliver new sports entertainment. Football? Basketball? Formula 1? Volleyball? Combat sports? Ski jumping? We are working hard to make all sports accessible to you.

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Make every game night unforgettable

Experience the joy of hosting your own playing room effortlessly with our user-friendly interface, where you can create a personalized space for friends in just four simple steps.

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Unlock unparalleled value with our private rooms at competitive prices, providing exceptional fun with friends.


4.99per league per season

  • Up to 10 friends
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9.99For freeper league per season

  • Up to 25 friends
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19.99per league per season

  • Up to 100 friends
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Frequently asked questions

Explore our comprehensive FAQ section, where you'll find answers to the most commonly asked questions about ChampionMATES.

How can I invite my friends to join the playing app?
To invite friends, simply navigate to the 'Invite Friends' button in your own room, where you can generate a unique invitation link to share with friends via messaging or social media.
What happens if my friend doesn't have an account yet?
No need to worry! Your friend can easily launch to app through the provided invitation link or code, and upon signup, they'll automatically be connected to your playing circle.
Can I create private rooms exclusively for my friends?
Absolutely! Our app allows you to create personalized friends rooms, ensuring you and your friends can enjoy playing together in a private and secure environment.
How can I track my performance compared to my friends?
Our app provides comprehensive leaderboards, allowing you to monitor your performance and compare it with your friends, fostering healthy competition and camaraderie.
Are there any benefits for referring friends to the app?
Yes, indeed! By inviting friends to join, you gain the opportunity to enhance your playing adventures with the added prestige of building a larger community around you.
What if I face technical issues or have further questions about the app?
Our dedicated support team is available every day to assist you with any technical issues you may encounter. Simply contact us via email, and we will address your problems.

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For any inquiries or assistance, our dedicated support team is just a click away, ensuring your queries are promptly addressed.


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